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Do more than study.  Learn to speak RICA!

The RICA will come and go, but you will be a reading teacher for the duration of your career.  Embrace the content for what it is - an opportunity to learn about reading development and instruction grounded in the science of reading so that your students are never left behind.


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RICA Prep 101 is dedicated to helping new teachers pass their reading competency exam.

If you are a first time test taker or someone who has taken the RICA more than you'd care to mention, you are in the right place.  If you are a special education teacher or an English learner yourself, the struggle is real, and you will need support. 

RICA Prep 101 is a comprehensive, self-guided course that gives you everything you need to pass while fitting into your schedule.  Need to study late at night or at the crack of dawn?  No problem!  Login whenever it is convenient and move at your own pace.

You also have the opportunity to join us live, for subtest workshops (see the calendar of events below) and work through the content live with Emily and follow RICA Preppers!

In addition to all of this, you can now EARN UP TO 3 PD UNITS through TCSJ that will help you move up the pay scale and make more money!  Cha ching!


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We Cover it All!

What can you expect from this course?

Subtest Modules

ALL relevant RICA content is covered in this course and organized by subtest!  Not only will you be best prepared for the exam, but you will be a better reading teacher as a result! Over 10 hours of engaging videos are intended to make difficult content easily absorbed.  Additionally, multiple-choice practice questions are deconstructed using a "think aloud" model. 

Applicable Instructional Activities

Most failed test scores come from a lack of applied instructional activities. This course will give you numerous ideas for classroom activities and strategies for each domain and can be applied to the case study and written responses.  Pictures and links to additional videos are included to make these activities completely concrete.

A Plan for the Case Study

Don't freeze up on the case study or run out of time!  Have a plan before you even start.  This course provides sample case study outlines, templates, and frames to give you a format and plan that works!  Use the sample sentence stems to help your writing sound truly knowledgeable and professional. 

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Live Subtest Workshops

Check out the calendars at the bottom of the page for dates.

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We Can Help with the Video Option of the RICA

If you are looking for support with this option, we have an asynchronous, digital course to guide you along the way .

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What's Inside:

  • All subtest content for MC and CRs
  • Worksheets & templates
  • Study planners
  • Practice test deconstructed 
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Hey, I'm Emily Muccianti!


This test is hard, my friends!  Failing costs money, so let me help you prepare and get through it.

I am a reading specialist, interventionist, and a bit of a reading diva.  I have helped hundreds of new teachers over the past seven years prepare for and pass the RICA exam.

If you need a personal touch to keep you accountable and on track in your preparations, you are in the right place.  I will break down difficult content into understandable chunks.  You will walk away feeling more confident and ready to tackle the RICA exam.

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What are members saying about their experience?

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Stacey Beadle - New Teacher

I just walked out of my test, and I felt very prepared after using Emily's course. If I don't pass, it'll be because I didn't practice writing enough, not because I didn't have enough knowledge. I was so overwhelmed by another course I tried. I am so thankful that I ditched that one and switched to RICA Prep 101.

Jayme Robertson - New Teacher

Wanted to tell you all this program and material works! I just passed my RICA on the first try after taking Emily's course. She's awesome!

Morgan Carrico - New Teacher

Hello everyone! I just wanted to come on here and let you know... that 3rd times a charm! I PASSED 😊 thank you Emily Muccianti for all your help! If you are still in the process of studying and preparing for the RICA, I believe in you and know that you can do it!!!!

Hailey Williams - New Teacher

Holy cow I am so thankful for this group and Emily Muccianti ! Thank you all so much! I watched the YouTube videos, used the blue book, and really Emily’s RICA course help so so much! Do not give up this was my fifth time taking it! This test does not define you and you can do it!

Allie Collins - New Teacher

Emily Muccianti!!!! Words cannot even express how thankful I am that I came across your program! First time, very stressed, in the extremely disadvantaged group, AND I PASSED!!! First time and I passed! Thank you for your prep course and your commentary not only on my case study responses, but your positive vibes when all I could do was stress up to the moment I walked into the testing center! I appreciate your guidance and assistance so much!!

Bill Delong - New Teacher

 I finally passed! I owe you a huge thank you. I’m giving you a huuuge virtual hug. Your program and live zooms are what gave me the tools I was missing. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude and respect for your dedication to each one of us. I’m your biggest fan! Thank you again Emily!

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One time payment

  • All Subtest modules
  • All Domain specific videos, worksheets, templates, and links

  • Deconstructed Multiple Choice videos 

  • Case study video and template guides

  • Go to strategies and activities for the case study and CRs

  • Invitations to supplemental workshops (cost =$47/each)

  • 1 Unit of Credit available for workshop series attendance
  • Podcast course to listen on the go
  • Self - paced

  • NEW! Mobile App available (search Kajabi in the App or Play store)
  • Access for one full year

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Most Popular

  • Everything from the standard course but with a personal touch. 

  • Personal feedback and guidance on practice case studies & CRs by Emily

  • 2 Units of course credit available for course completion
  • Invitations to supplemental workshops (cost =$47/each) 

  • If writing is not a strength of yours, this is your best option.

  • Access for one full year
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Includes Unlimited Workshops & Most Cost Effective

  • All inclusive membership that includes unlimited workshops and writing feedback during your one year membership.

  •  Never bound by enrollment deadlines

  •  If paying once, so you don't miss a deadline works for you, then this is your must have option!

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I cannot wait to see you inside and help you complete your RICA journey! 

I understand what you are going through - don't get me started on my CSET story :)  


If you are a special education teacher, an English Learner, a multiple subject candidate, or someone who struggles with test anxiety, this course is for you!  There are so many study options out there for you to choose from.  So what makes this one different?  It's me!  I am here for you!  I created this course to keep you in a positive mind set and eliminate the overwhelm! I will share my knowledge, expertise, and compassion as we walk this path together. 

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Each summer we host Workshop Boot Camps which give you all three subtests in one week.  They are intensive cram sessions just for summer.  Learn more...

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